Stand van Nederland

Stand van NederlandToday 22:10 – Season 10 Episode 1 – “Lightning in a box ” on NPO 2 Stand van Nederland, Omroep WNL.

This episode is a report by VitalFluid B.V., highlighting plasma technology and its potential applications in agriculture.

The report discusses how plasma technology can be used to create Plasma Activated Water (PAW) using only water, air, and electricity, mimicking the natural process of lightning in a thunderstorm. PAW is gaining attention for its potential in agriculture as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemical-based methods. It can be used as a sustainable alternative to agrochemicals like synthetic fertilizers and chemical crop protection agents, which may have negative environmental impacts.

Plasma technology and PAW have the potential to revolutionize the agricultural industry by providing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to crop cultivation. This technology can contribute to reducing the reliance on harmful chemicals and promoting more eco-friendly agricultural practices.

Link to report