Natural liquid nitrogen fertilizer

Natural liquid nitrogen fertilizer

Nitrogen fertilization

Lightning in a box! This ancient physical process of nitrogen fixation is, according to the principles of biomimicry, translated one-on-one into a technological innovation: high-tech systems that create liquid nitrogen fertilizer. Only water, air and energy are required for the production. Because of this, a natural liquid nitrogen fertilizer can be produced. The on farm production has the advantage that there are no CO2 emissions, pollution and risks for people and environment as a result of packaging, storage, transport and distribution of the fertilizer. In case sustainable energy is available locally, even the production of VitalFluid Natural Nitrogen is carbon neutral. The grower only needs to add a VitalFluid system in the existing feeding/drip irrigation systems.

Our systems use ambient air and fixate the nitrogen and oxygen into a valuable nutrient dissolved in water, but only in such a concentration that it can be applied directly to your crops and plants.

The technology is scalable to the desired level and nitrogen (as a raw material) is unlimited and freely available in ambient air. Because growers can produce VitalFluid Natural Nitrogen in-situ only on the basis of water, air and electricity, they become less dependent on external inputs. When the electricity to power the Plasma system is generated locally from a clean source like solar, wind or water power, the resulting nitrogen is carbon neutral.

Plasma Activated Water, Natural Nitrogen
The high-tech systems make natural nitrate supply, via drip irrigation systems, possible for hydroponic growers, vertical farming, fertigation and it can also be applied directly to the soil. In addition to nitrogen fixation, lightning also results in an enrichment with oxygen molecules. Compared to other nitrogen sources, VitalFluid Natural Nitrogen is therefore expected to be better absorbed by plants and crops. The local production makes precision feeding possible: only the amount of nitrate that is really needed is produced and dosed. And as only nitrate is transported through the water no harmful residues will be present. This confirms once more the natural character of VitalFluid Natural Nitrogen. When it can be used as an organic* liquid nitrogen fertilizer there are even more benefits of using the Natural Nitrogen of VitalFluid. Because the nitrate is dissolved in water the drippers will not be blocked by residues which result in time saving and ameliorated growth of your crops like tomato, cucumber, peppers and many more. The liquid fertilizer has a pH of 2, which is very helpful in organic farming to steer the pH of the feeding water. We are aware that regulations for organic growing can be different in all countries. Please contact us for the possibilities of using VitalFluid Natural Nitrogen as organic liquid fertilizer in your specific situation.

*Please note that fertilizer and organic agriculture legislation may differ based upon the location of your company. The fact that our product is called ‘VitalFluid organic nitrogen’ does not mean it can be used in organic agriculture in every country. Please contact us for more information about use of natural nitrogen in your company location, including information about local fertilizer or organic agriculture legislation.

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Foliar fertilization

It is known for a long time that rain during a thunderstorm improves the fitness and health of your crops and that it leaves a valuable nutrient in the form of liquid nitrate as residue. You can profit from the benefits a  thunderstorm offers by spraying plasma treated water directly on your crops. It will improve the resilience and growth of your crops like vegetables, for instance, tomato, cucumber, peppers etc.

We use the efficiency of nature!

VitalFluid’s technology brings circular food production a big leap closer and that is needed. The global demand for food and other agricultural products is increasing, the demand for sustainably produced food is increasing and governmental initiatives and ambitions support this. With VitalFluid Natural Nitrogen we can take this step: an ancient natural physical process for the future of our horticulture.

Benefits of Vitalfluid Natural Nitrogen:
  • Sustainable
  • An excellent plant uptake
  • Precision feeding
  • Ensure food safety
  • Less leakage (when applied in soil)
  • No contamination of feedwater (when applied in closed systems)
  • PH control
  • Reduce of Bicarbonate
  • Allows for full recirculation of irrigation water
  • No block of drippers
VitalFluid Vital Fluid Plasma Activated Water applications Agriculture Medical Cleaning applications plan2fix plasma systems agrochemicals nitrogen fertilization plant health surface hygiene plasma technology European Union’s Horizon 2020

Freya Natural Nitrogen

The best system to produce liquid nitrogen fertilizer for hydroponic growers, vertical farming and fertigation is Freya:

  • 15 kW system
  • 5-20 L per minute
  • 1,6 x 1,2 x 2,2 mtr (WxDxH)
  • Cloud connected to service centre VitalFluid
  • 13.5 mol / hr / 15kW
  • Modular build up for scalability
  • Inputs ambient air-water