Natural liquid nitrogen fertilizer

Natural liquid nitrogen fertilizer

Carbon Neutral Nitrogen fertilization

By copying lightning VitalFluid has developed a nature-based solution to supply natural nitrogen as a sustainable liquid fertilizer for plants and crops. Produced on-farm, it uses only water and ambient air as inputs. The Freya Natural Nitrogen device can easily be installed and connected into greenhouse drip irrigation systems. Including a service and maintenance package VitalFluid will monitor and optimize the system. VitalFluid Natural Nitrogen is the most sustainable nitrogen source available in horticulture.

The on-farm production of the natural nitrogen fertilizer has the advantage that growers are less dependent on external inputs. In case renewable energy is available locally, even the production of VitalFluid Natural Nitrogen is carbon neutral. 

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Plasma Activated Water, Natural Nitrogen
We use the efficiency of nature!

VitalFluid’s technology brings circular food production a big leap closer and that is needed. The global demand for food and other agricultural products is increasing, the demand for sustainably produced food is increasing and governmental initiatives and ambitions support this. With VitalFluid Natural Nitrogen we can take this step: an ancient natural physical process for the future of our horticulture.

The high-tech systems make natural nitrate supply, via drip irrigation systems, possible for hydroponic growers, vertical farming, fertigation and it can also be applied directly to the soil. In addition to nitrogen fixation, lightning also results in an enrichment with oxygen molecules. Compared to other nitrogen sources, VitalFluid Natural Nitrogen is therefore expected to be better absorbed by plants and crops. The local production makes precision feeding possible: only the amount of nitrate that is really needed is produced and dosed. And as only nitrate is transported through the water no harmful residues will be present. This confirms once more the natural character of VitalFluid Natural Nitrogen. The liquid fertilizer has a pH of 2, which is very helpful in organic farming to steer the pH of the feeding water. 

Benefits of Vitalfluid Natural Nitrogen:
  • Sustainable (Carbon Neutral)
  • An excellent plant uptake
  • Precision feeding
  • Ensure food safety
  • Less leakage (when applied in soil)
  • No contamination of feedwater (when applied in closed systems)
  • PH control
  • Reduce of Bicarbonate
  • Allows for full recirculation of irrigation water
  • No block of drippers
Freya Sustainable Natural Nitrogen

Freya Natural Nitrogen

The best system to produce liquid nitrogen fertilizer for hydroponic growers, vertical farming and fertigation is Freya:

  • 15 kW system
  • 9.5 mol NO3- per hour (0.6 kg) 
  • Concentration up to 300 mmol NO3- per liter
  •  Suitable for 24/7 operation 
  • 2 x 1,15 x 2,1 mtr (WxDxH):
  • Cloud connected to service centre VitalFluid
  • Inputs ambient air-water