About us


VitalFluid was founded in 2014 by Paul Leenders and Polo van Ooij. Paul, a creative entrepreneur with a background in chemistry and Polo, electrical engineer from Eindhoven University, met during their joint research on plasma technology. They recognized the value of plasma technology and its suitability for a variety of sustainable applications and decided to dedicate their professional careers to unlocking its enormous potential. They joined forces, together with Eindhoven University of Technology and VitalFluid was born.

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Mission & Vision

Driven by our passion for technology and desire to contribute to a sustainable world, we are  dedicated to enable sustainable food production by providing clean alternatives for existing nitrogen nutrients and agrochemicals.


To be world leader in applications of plasma activated solutions and being global leader knowledge centre for plasma technology.


Our strategy is to focus on sustainable solutions for agriculture applications like natural nitrogenseed treatment, plant health and water treatment – pH controller. In parallel we continue to work on application of plasma in other domains, like medical and cleaning.

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