POP3 Limburg

POP3 Limburg

This project is funded by ELFPO: “Europees Landbouwfonds voor Plattelandsontwikkeling: Europa investeert in zijn platteland”.

Reduce of chemical crop protection agents and synthetic fertilizer by using Plasma Activated Water

In Limburg, the cultivation of open field vegetables holds significant importance, contributing substantially to employment through harvesting and sales on cultivation farms, as well as the suppliers associated with them. Currently, conventional practices involve the use of chemical crop protection agents and synthetic fertilizers. However, these methods face growing challenges due to increasingly stringent environmental regulations, necessitating a shift towards sustainable alternatives.

The collaborative effort established in this project marks the initial phase of exploring ways to reduce the reliance on crop protection agents and synthetic fertilizers. During this phase, the efficacy of Plasma Activated Water (PAW) in combating harmful fungi has been demonstrated. Moreover, the positive impact on crop weight gain is comparable to traditional fertilizer applications but is achieved in an entirely environmentally friendly manner.

Vitalfluid is actively engaged in enhancing PAW, aiming for more potent antifungal properties and natural weight gain promotion. This advancement is seen as a practical and ethical application, addressing the need for reducing chemical usage. Such efforts are deemed crucial, considering that a sudden and drastic reduction in conventional crop protection methods could lead to severe economic repercussions within a short timeframe.

Project manager

Stichting Vollegrond, Klein Oirlo 11, 5811AW Castenraij

Project partners

  • VitalFluid BV, Hightech campus 25-5 5656 AE Eindhoven
  • Maatschap Stemkens-Lempens, Dries 28, 6086 AW Neer
  • Lenders B.V., Donk 3b, 5995PL Kessel
  • Maatschap Vollenberg-Vergeldt, Klein-Oirlo 11, 5811 AW Castenray