Natural plant protection

Natural plant protection

Alternative for chemical crop protection

The need to use environmental friendly crop protection in agriculture is very high. There are many crop protection products which are harmful for the environment. To grow healthy crops farmers need to protect them against bacteria, moulds and diseases.

VitalFluid plasma water enables sustainable food production with a natural alternative which  prevents the use of chemical plant protection products, through the biomimicry of lightning during thunderstorms. With its temporary disinfecting properties and the absence of residues, it fits perfectly with the preservation of the crop protection sector.

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Plant Health, Plasma activated water

Spraying the crops with plasma activated water improves plant health and plant fitness and supports the resilience of crops and plants. Besides the temporary hygienic properties plasma activated water is still a liquid nitrogen fertilizer which can be used as a foliar fertilizer. Therefor VitalFluid’s plasma water is a perfect foliar feeding and crop protection in one.

Benefits of Vitalfluid plasma water for crop protection:
  • Sustainable
  • Hygienic
  • On site production
  • Not harmful for the environment
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