pH controller

Water treatment

Why water treatment

Managing the pH- and bicarbonates level in irrigation water is very important. Well water, but also irrigation water with organic fertilizers can contain elevated levels of bicarbonates which results in a high pH. These bicarbonates can form salts precipitates with calcium and phosphates which can accumulate in the irrigation system. The formed precipitates can block the drippers and the nutrients are not available for the crops.

Bicarbonate treatment will improve nutrient uptake by plants

Irrigation water with a pH above 7.5 is usually associated with high bicarbonates. Injection of acidified water will neutralize the pH and reduce bicarbonate accumulation. 

VitalFluid is using a biomimicry of lightning. By copying this ancient physical process in our units VitalFluid makes it possible to control the pH and bicarbonate level of irrigation water. The high-tech systems make acidified water which will neutralize the pH and reduce bicarbonates in the irrigation water.

See how it works...
pH regulator, Plasma activated water
Injection of acidified water

The VitalFluid VF water treatment unit will treat the irrigation water which will result in a lower pH and thus reduce bicarbonate accumulation. Growers can put the system on-farm which makes them less dependent on external supplies. The inputs are only water, ambient air, and electricity. When the electricity to power the VF system is generated locally from a clean source like solar, wind or water power, the process is carbon neutral. 

Benefits of VF water treatment:
  • Sustainable
  • pH control
  • Reduce of Bicarbonate
  • No block of drippers
  • No contamination of feedwater (when applied in closed systems)
  • Allows for full recirculation of irrigation water
Freya Sustainable Natural Nitrogen

VF water treatment 

The best system to control the pH of your irrigation water. the VF water treatment unit is used by hydroponic growers, vertical farming and fertigation. 

  • 32 ltr/hour of acidified water with a pH of 0.5
  • 15 kW system
  • 2 x 1,15 x 2,1 mtr (WxDxH):
  • Cloud connected to service centre VitalFluid
  • Inputs ambient air-water