Seed Innovation Challenge

Seed Challenge Award RWA RaiffeisenCongratulations to phenoLytics , the winner of the Seed Innovation Challenge Award 2023 organized by RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG and Agro Innovation Lab! Last week, 65 startups from 24 countries participated in this event.

VitalFluid B.V. is pleased to have been one of the finalists, showcasing our Plasma Activated Water seed treatment to the jury. This chemical-free treatment demonstrates a significant reduction in pathogens and an increase in germination rates. We were delighted to witness the interest of esteemed companies such as KWS Group, LIMAGRAIN EUROPE, AGRANA Group, and AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG.

We extend our best wishes to all other finalists as they work towards the growth and success of their technologies: Amphasys, Arable, ClimateAi, Cropin, Cropt, Green and Seed Corporation, Hiphen, Hudson River Biotechnology, Proofminder, Zayndu Ltd, phenoLytics .

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