Organic Fertilizers Project HAS

3 Students of the HAS University of Applied Sciences conducted a project with different kind of organic fertilizers combined with VitalFluid B.V. Natural Nitrogen.
The aim of this project was to find alternative organic sources of phosphorus and potassium to mix with Natural Nitrogen of VitalFluid, and Dolokal (calcium source). This should result in a sustainable organic nutrient recipe. During the trial four recipes are tested with different organic fertilizers separately on their functioning. Besides this a total organic recipe is created with all organic nutrients mixed. The recipes are tested against the Dolokal + VitalFluid Natural Nitrogen recipe as a control which was concluded to perform the best in the previous research, APR project 2022. It is concluded that all four of the tested organic fertilizers proved to perform adequately as a substitute in an organic recipe for hydroponically grown lettuce. Mixed together there are some challenges to achieve the same results.
We want to thank Tessa Bink, Jan van Zuilen, and Niels Sillekens for conducting this project. Also, a special thanks to Willem Jan van de KampSander van DeldenWim VoogtKevin van den BergMarc VergeldtPaul Leenders and Mark van Boxtel to coach these students.

If you have any questions on the project details, please contact us.

HAS project team