Glasgroente event

Natural NitrogenVitalFluid B.V. will showcase Plasma Activated Water as a sustainable alternative to synthetic fertilizers and chemical crop protection agents at the upcoming Glasgroente event, organized by Delphy. This Knowledge Event is scheduled for Wednesday, May 22, and will address the key challenges and latest developments in greenhouse vegetable cultivation.

Through crop-specific workshops and plenary sessions, experts will share cutting-edge knowledge and innovations in the field. Key topics include:

1. #Energy: Exploring sustainable solutions and innovative energy sources such as geothermal energy and solar panels.

2. #CropHealth: Discussing strategies for combating diseases and pests, with a focus on advancements in biological control methods.

3. #CultivationTechniques: Highlighting modern practices like precision agriculture and vertical farming.

4. #Digitalization: Examining the role of data analysis, AI, and automation in optimizing cultivation processes.

Join us to gain insights into the future of greenhouse vegetable cultivation and learn about the latest sustainable technologies transforming the industry.