Demo at the WUR


Natural Nitrogen of VitalFluid can be produced with zero Carbon footprint.

Therefore, this product is a good alternative of the nitrate fertilizer made by the principles of Haber-Bosch. Sustainable agriculture is part of the discussions at the demonstration of VitalFluid Natural Nitrogen. At the Wageningen University & Reseach in Bleiswijk 12 growers and horticulture specialist came together to see, taste and smell the tomatoes grown with Natural Nitrogen of VitalFluid. The trial in a USDA organic grown tomato crop show good availability of nitrogen for the crop and nice growth. The experts are all very excited and would love to use it as a nutrient for organic cultivations. In this organic cultivation it can be beneficial in several ways. It is a good source of nitrate which could be absorbed by plants directly, it isn’t blocking drippers, it controls bicarbonate and pH and many more.

We want to thank Jim van Ruijven, Wim Voogt and Tommaso Barbagli for working together on this sustainable project.