Cleaning Chicory Seeds

Chicory seed treatmentCleaning Chicory Seeds without chemicals.

Plasma Activated Water (PAW) can be used to clean seeds from pathogens by only using air, water, and electricity. Together with 14 different well known seed producers VitalFluid B.V. has been testing over 40 different seed pathogen combinations. The results are looking promising.

Seed producers send batches of seeds contaminated with fungi, bacteria, and or virus to VitalFluid. At VitalFluid the seeds are treated with different concentrations of Plasma Activated Water and different incubation times. Seed specialist Ineke Wijkamp and microbiologist Danique van der Krieken conducted the treatments. After treating, the seeds were send back to the producers to test them on germination and seed health.

One of the tests was done in collaboration with CHICOLINE, part of COSUCRA, on chicory seeds contaminated with Alternaria. The treatment of PAW showed significant reduction of the Alternaria on the seeds. Compared to the control the Plasma Activated Water treatment was performing much better. In attached graphs you can see the health of the seeds increases a lot by treating the contaminated seeds with PAW. Also you can see the PAW treatment is significantly reducing the Alternaria presence.

Together with Chicoline and PETKUS SELECTA BV, VitalFluid will set up a next trial to scale the technology to treat big batches of chicory seeds.

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No more chemicals,
No more pathogens
Increased germination