Cajamar Innova Incubator

VitalFluid proud to be selected to join the incubator program for high tech water companies to transform the agricultural sector in Spain.

At the test center of CAJAMAR in Palmerillas VitalFluid will set up a trial to prove the efficacy of the Freya unit to make the cultivation in Spain more sustainable.

Cajamar Innova is organizing this project where they accompany innovative entrepreneurs and companies in the development of new projects to address sustainability goals in agriculture in Spain.
In the incubator program knowledge and technology is shared to face together the challenge of guaranteeing access to water in sufficient quantity and quality for growers.

For Cajamar, as a benchmark for cooperative banking in Spain, innovation has always been a strategic value. They offer specialized financial solutions, but also promote the generation and transfer of knowledge and technology that promote the modernization of the Spanish market.

Whatch the VIDEO

Jose Luis Racero Luque-Romero – Cajamar Innova
Juan Carlos Gázquez Garrido – Estación Experimental Cajamar
Francisco Jose Maleno Sanchez – Barrabé
Fernando del Pozo Parés – INEA Corporation.
Ignacio J. Hernández – IDEAGO
Eva Corretge – Peninsula